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First, let me ask a question. So, who are you? A restaurateur? A supplier? Or someone interested in growing a restaurant business? Allright, whoever you are, hope this website can be helpful for you. 

Many people say that restaurant business will spend a majority of your time, need a lot of hard work and having a high failure rate. That’s absolutely the truth. Running a restaurant business isn’t easy indeed. In 2000, I started my ice cream business and created the new brand name “de Boliva Ice Cream.” For the first five years, I did the same thing everyday, making ice cream, opening my counter, serving my customer, getting problem, handling complaint, and so on. Is it tiring? Is it boring? Yes, of course. It’s been almost 14 years since I experienced my restaurant business. From the entire process, I learned that everything will be much more effortless if you know what you are getting into.

You know what? A hard reality that many restaurants fail during their first year. What’s wrong? The food? The management? The employee? Or even the owner? So, what should you do to survive? My experiences teach me so many thing and bring me to build this portal website. With aim of giving not only information but also answers to all of your questions to help you on your restaurant business.

Good Luck!


Andre Soenjoto
Chief Executive Officer