Who are we?

PT Bisnis Resto Indonesia, an IT company specializes in Information Provider creating two websites: Bisnisresto.com and Dataresto.com. Headquartered in Surabaya, the company is managed by only a core of 7 people with a different background of expertise and experiences but having the same enthusiasm for restaurant business. The working systems are improved by collaborating with freelancers and other related small business to keep low-cost staffing and to make us easy bringing the company to a new direction.

What is bisnisresto.com?

Officially launched on December 18th, 2014, Bisnisresto.com serves as an online source of information on almost any subject relating to restaurant business, such as Supplier, Consultant, Chef, Mall and Design. To assist the users, the website presents complete procedures for opening a restaurant as well as licensing forms that can be filled out online. It also provides a portal of second-hand stuffs where each user can sell or buy restaurant equipment, devices or furniture at a cheaper price. And more importantly, there is an education section called 'Learn from the Experts'. It is designed to give new knowledge and answers through Articles, Videos and Five Tips made by the experts.

What is the mission?

Bisnisresto.com is created to build the most comprehensive and accessible online guide for restaurant business. Providing up-to-date information about restaurant to fulfill and answer user’s questions becomes the main duty of us. The passion for restaurant business inspires the teams who mostly have lived in Surabaya over 14 years to develop a unique online restaurant community around Surabaya for correlating each valuable user to share their experiences and knowledge with the assistance of an expert mentor.

Who is it for?

Our target audience is everyone who has interest in investing a restaurant business in Indonesia. Whether you are a restaurant owner, you are just intending to build your own restaurant, or you are a company who related to restaurant business, Bisnisresto.com is the starting point to get all the information about restaurant in Surabaya and one place to connect with each aspect needed in the field of restaurant business.

How to join?

To get fully involved in Bisnisresto.com, you only need to sign up for free to get your username and password. We inquire all users to fill out the detail information about the company or personal data to be a part of our community. By becoming a User, you will get a free lifetime access to Bisnisresto.com. Sign up now! 

How do I get my business listed on Bisnisresto.com?

If you would like to enlist your restaurant, cafe, bar, pub or other kind of culinary business at Bisnisresto.com, we have a number of options for you to choose. Click here for further information!