• Why is it necessary to activate my account after registration?
    By activating your account, you will directly get your free access to
  • Why can’t I get my free access to
    Because you do not give complete information while registering. Example: You do not write real ID number.
  • How to get price list from Supplier/Chef/Designer/Consultant?
    You may utilize ‘Request Price List’ feature that can be found on every page of information. After receiving your email, we will directly forward it to the authorized company.
  • I have already used ‘Request Price List’ feature to contact the Supplier/Chef/Designer/Consultant. Why have I not received a response?
    We only forward email sent by our User. So, please sign up to take advantages of features we provide.

Informant (Supplier/Chef/Designer/Consultant)

  • Do we have to pay if we list our company at
    For listing at, we do not charge any fees. We only ask you to provide the latest information regularly.
  • Should we mail to if we receive ‘Request Price List’?
    No. You may reply the email privately without sending us a duplicate.