1 Write five tips and save the file as .doc or .docx file.
2 Tips are written in both English and Indonesian.
3 Select a theme from the list below.
  * Business Plan * Food Safety
  * Restaurant Startup * Management
  * Branding & Graphic Design * Operation
  * Interior Design * Marketing
  * Kitchen & Bar Design * Menu Development
  * Menu Concept * Franchise
  * Tax * Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
4 The title of tips is begun with number 5 (five) and no more than 10 words in English or Indonesian text.
  Example: 5 Benefits of Applying ISO before Franchising Your Business
5 The author's name, position title and institution are written under the title.
6 Tips are no more than 500 words.
7 Tips begin with an introductory paragraph,  3 to 4 sentences.
  Running a restaurant business is uneasy thing to do. All activities are time consuming from finding a concept, creating menus, hiring employees, to managing it everyday. To help you get started, these are five important points that should be noticed while building your own food business.
8 Tips must provide 5 points. Each point is completed by the core point, before it is proceeded to a more detailed explanation.
  1. Focus on Your Restaurant Concept
  Create a unique restaurant concept that is different from other restaurants, but still recognizable by your prospective patrons. Do survey on some friends, familly, colleagues or business partners and ask their opinion to establish the concept as well as the restaurant theme. Once you have decided, determine a catchy name for your restaurant and stay focus on your uniqueness. 
9 Save the file with the name : Author's Name - Tips Title
10 Tips are sent via email to restobisnis@gmail.com with the subject as the file name.