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Selling Second-Hand Item

Adding a product
1. Create your account on
2. Find Add a product module in Your Account.
3. To upload a second-hand item, fill out the form.
a. Category : Select Second-hand category and choose subcategory that matches with the product you sell
b. Product Price : Specify the product price, including the tax (e.g  9000000)
c. Product Name : Name your product corresponding to the type of product. Please do not use any brackets or special characters ( .,’/?<>)
d. Short Description : Write brief explanation about the product (max. 150 characters)
e. Full Description : Give complete explanation in this field, such as the specification, the features, etc
f. Image : This field is used to upload your product images
g. Product File : This field is used to upload your product files (typically downloadable files)
4. You must fill all required fields in both language English and Indonesian.
Note : To translate the language, click on the little flag above ‘Product Name’ field, and choose the flag of the language in which you wish to edit the text.
5. Once you’ve completed the form, click Submit button.
6. Your product will be activated within 2x24 hours according to our rules and agreements. 
Payment Request
1. Sign in with your account.
2. Find Add a product module in Your Account.
3. On Customer Products page, select Payments.
4. To request a payment, fill out the form.
a. Withdraw Query : Enter the total amount of balance you have. You should withdraw all balance in one request.
b. Comment : Give us information about Account Number, Bank Name and Account Owner Name in this field.
5. After completing the form, click Submit button. 
6. Payment will be transferred to your bank account within 2x24 hours, after we get confirmation that the product has delivered to the buyer.
Rules and Agreements for Sellers
1. Product Quantity 
- We’ll set your product quantity to 1.
- If you have more than one product, you should upload new product.
- We only activate 10 products for each user at the same time. 
2. Image
- Photos must be at least 300x400 pixels - 150 dpi or greater.
- Must be in a portrait orientation with 3x4 ratio.
- Must represent the product clearly and show only the product that’s for sale.
- You must own full rights for each image you upload or share on, including the use of brands or names that appear in the image. 
3. Contact Information
- You may not write any contact information on either Short Description or Full Description as well as insert them on the image. 
4. Notification and Correction
- A notification email will be sent to you along with your product activation.
- If you find incorrect information on your product page, please reply our email for correction.
- If your product has not listed yet over 48 hours, please contact us immediately.
5. Moderation and Deletion
- Once you’ve updated your product information, you should notify us immediately so as to reactivate the product.
- If you delete the product from your account, you will remove the product from permanently.
- After the product is sold, we’ll deactivate your product from
6. Payment and Commission
- collects the amount paid by the buyer (not including shipping cost).
- will receive 5% commission (deducted from the cost of the selling product) for each item sold.
- You understand and agree that the amount paid (after commission and transfer/administration fee deductions) will be fully transferred to you if the transaction is complete.
7. Shipping
- You have obligation to fulfill the orders and ship the product by yourself. 
- From choosing vendors to shipping and handling charges, we leave it to you as desired.