1 Video is created in interview format.
2 The speaker may select a theme from the list below.
  * Business Plan * Food Safety
  * Restaurant Startup * Management
  * Branding & Graphic Design * Operation
  * Interior Design * Marketing
  * Kitchen & Bar Design * Menu Development
  * Menu Concept * Franchise
  * Tax * Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
3 The speaker determines the title of article which can be a statement or a question.
  Example: Benefits of Applying ISO before Franchising Your Business
4 The speaker prepares 10 questions which will be discussed in the video and save the file as .doc or .docx.
5 Save the file with the name : Author's Name - Video Title
6 List of questions is sent via email to restobisnis@gmail.com with the same subject as the file name.
7 After receiving the topic and the list of questions, we will create a schedule to process the video making.